Why Is Academic Performance Not the Best Recruitment Parameter?

Why Is Academic Performance Not the Best Recruitment Parameter?

Different employers may have different recruitment needs, but one thing is sure: all of them want to hire the best candidates. One of the most common grounds for landing that dream job is academic excellence. If you have been especially great at school, then you are likely the first pick for employment. However, academic performance is not the only indicator for a great hire. In fact, it may be the least reliable parameter for recruitment.


If you have excellent grades in your transcript, well and good, but do not rest on your laurels yet. Your exceptional grades may give you a good head start in the career track, but down the road, you might wonder why your grades can only take you so far. That is because the corporate world is a lot different from your university, and success is not entirely dependent on a high IQ.

Beyond IQ, employers need their employees to be topnotch when it comes to handling others, particularly customers and shareholders. Businesses thrive because of their customers, and in a highly competitive environment, it all becomes too fast to lose valued customers all because of incompetence and poor service quality. Employees, regardless of their IQ level, need to have superior people skills.

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The stresses of the work environment could be far different from that of the university setup. At work, employees usually multitask, venture into the unfamiliar, and deal with all kinds of people, which can be overwhelming even to the most academically intelligent individual. Those who only know how to memorize formula and theories without the ability for practical application ultimately end up unproductive and hating their job. In addition to a considerable IQ level, a good hire must have great EQ levels as well.

Success in personal career does not entirely depend on academic performance. All people are inherently smart, and the confines and limitations of schools usually fail to tap and nurture the different intelligences and skill sets in different individuals. Great employees, regardless of their academic performance, must act proactively and timely, take orders from superiors, work well with others, and does not easily give up despite setbacks. Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Peter Jackson – they were not great students, but very successful individuals, nonetheless.

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