What to Look For When Hiring Employees

What to Look For When Hiring Employees

To ensure high performance in a company, you will need great employees. But before you even start asking where to find these people, it’s important that you first know what exactly makes a great employee great.



Humble people have good sense of who they are. They don’t think too highly of themselves but they also don’t think lower of themselves than they ought to. They do not exhibit self-ambitions but can be ambitious for a cause, like for example in a team or the company. Humble people respect and acknowledges everyone equally, even people who may be in a lower position than them.

Be wary of people who suck up and have no problem with disrespecting everyone else. They have a tendency to focus only on what they want and once they get it, may just leave you hanging on air.


Metaphorically speaking, you’ll want a person who’s hungry. This is a person who always sets higher goals, is intellectually curious and doesn’t like being stuck in a rut. He likes new ideas and unconventional ways of solving same old problems. A hungry person is not afraid of change and does not hold back.



By smart, it doesn’t necessarily mean a person who has the highest academic grades or IQ. You wouldn’t want to hire a person who’s book-smart yet street-stupid. Real smart people are sensible. They can connect the dots easily and can think for themselves. They tend to want to be aware of everything – related topics, nuances and various interests. More importantly, smart people will keep pressing until they get the clarity or the insight they need.


This is obvious because who would want to hire a liar, right? But aside from honesty, consider also a person with integrity. This is someone who takes pride in holding up the good. He will be direct but will choose not to be hurtful. He will avoid drama and face reality head-on.

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