What Every Business Should Know about Mobile Marketing

What Every Business Should Know about Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing isn’t completely new anymore as it has been used by many companies for a few years now. But sadly, there are still a handful of businesses that don’t know, don’t understand or couldn’t accept the fact that it is what works in today’s generation.

If you are new to mobile marketing, it helps to know these critical things about it.



Mobility is the thing nowadays. People use their mobile phones and tablet PCs to access the internet on a daily basis. What consumers expect when viewing a site is to have the same experience as when using a desktop or laptop. This means that website should be designed in a responsive manner wherein the display will scale to fit the screen of the device people are using without destroying the content. In a competitive world, a dynamic site that provides mobile-specific and mobile-friendly displays as well as serves full-size monitors to users is ideal.


Just like a desktop, people use smartphones and tablets to search online. So, aside from making your site responsive, it should also be optimized to land the first page of Google’s search engine results pages.

What you can do is to provide pertinent details to your business listing on Google Places. You can build your listing by adding pictures, videos and descriptions to entice customers into buying from you.


Newsletters through SMS

Since sending newsletters through email can be a lot of work, your business should take advantage of the power of SMS. Incorporate texting with mobile marketing by offering people to opt in for your text messaging list. That way, you can keep your customers updated.

Make it a point to incorporate these suggestions in your mobile marketing strategy to increase your chances of success.

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