What Can We Learn from Social Media Examiner’s 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Report

What Can We Learn from Social Media Examiner’s 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Report

Just recently, Social Media Examiner released its 2016 State of Social Media Marketing Industry Reports which surveyed over 5,000 marketers. The report examined the priorities, successes, failures, and outlook of marketers with regard to their social media marketing campaign. And the following are just some of the lessons we can learn from this year’s report.

Analyzing social media marketing success and measuring ROI are important.

What makes social media campaign successful is still mystery a mystery for many marketers. Of those surveyed, only 19 percent said that they regularly analyze their social media activities, and only 41% measure their return on investment for their social media marketing efforts. This suggests that majority of social media marketers are not keeping a close eye on their data, failing to adapt and improve their strategies to meet the changing needs of their target customers.


Strategies should be innovative.

Here’s the thing, social media is ever evolving. Algorithms are constantly changing, features are regularly updated and rules are changing. About 40 percent of marketers surveyed actually believe that marketing in social media has become increasingly difficult and challenging in the past year.

Social media marketing requires time and commitment.

Of the 5,000 marketers surveyed, 37 percent admitted of spending a maximum of five hours per week on their social media efforts.

Today’s customers want to interact with their brands online and expect quick responses for their questions or inquiries. You could lose this opportunity to connect and really get to know your customers by spending under six hours a week on social media.


Focus your marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

While there are many new platforms popping up, the big three remains the most popular among users and marketers. So, if you have a tight marketing budget, consider focusing your effort on these social media platforms instead of spreading your money thin across many channels.


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