Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Office

Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Office

There are countless strategies you can implement to increase efficiency in the workplace, so there’s no wondering why Google reports more than 27,000 searches each month about productivity. Yet it’s important to remember that you have the ability to generate great results personally, and within your team, by simply focusing on a selection of key areas – no matter your role in the office. Keep reading to find how to increase productivity in your workplace!

Prioritise by Listening

A productive workforce puts their energy into tasks that will produce the best outcome for their business, but it is easy to lose sight of exactly what that means. First step is to ask yourself, what does the customer want from your business? Every workplace has a target customer, though it may not always be obvious. By identifying customer priorities, you will eliminate unnecessary tasks and streamline your focus. The next step is then to ask your employees what will help them get there, and incorporate their suggestions into your overall strategy. 86% of the global workforce underperforms if they feel disengaged, so it’s important to make sure your staff feel valued and respected.

Office Productivity

Office Productivity

Work as a Team

Leading on from the previous point, a team with a shared goal will work smarter than individuals given tasks with no context. Keep your employees updated with feedback the company receives, changes to the way you work, and aspects they are excelling at. If possible, allow your workers flexibility with their hours. Maybe starting later and finishing later is more productive for them? Let them follow a personalized timetable if the work allows. You might even have some employees that may prefer to work from home occasionally, so you should consider using a cloud system that allows them to access your database offsite. A business like Com2 Communications can help you set up whatever cloud suits your company.

Be Creative

Keeping your employees motivated ties into how they feel — it’s suggested that happier workers are 10% more productive. Discuss with your workers what activities and perks will help them look forward to work. Something like a ping-pong table or relaxation room on site can give employees somewhere to take a quick break and recharge. Creative activities outside of work hours can also help employees recover, so you may want to find out what your peers would participate in – something such as a sports or trivia team will promote wellbeing and social connection.

There’s no magic solution for a productive workplace, however, these suggestions are a great starting point get you thinking about what can be done differently to optimise your office’s efficiency. If you have any extra tips or tricks, leave them as a comment below!

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