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Valve Lawsuit Shouldn’t Impact Our Online Confidence

When it comes to online gaming and gambling for customers there are plenty of choices, and it is important that people visit a site that is safe and secure, particularly when they are making transactions. Of course, the same applies to any use on the internet. In the age of the dark web, with extremely advanced hackers it is important that you do all you can to ensure that you protect your online presence. The online gambling world has recently found itself in the spotlight after a lawsuit was filed against well-known gaming company Valve.

They are accused of ‘knowingly’ allowing an ‘illegal online gambling market’ through skins gambling with their game online game Counter-Strike. As well as the accusations that the odds were rigged, there is also the thought that it saw a lot of teens betting who are younger than the law allows you to be to gamble, which is another aspect that needs monitoring in the future. Either way, the outcome saw a lot of people lose a lot of money and of course it is illegal so the company immediately came under question. That can also have an adverse knock-on effect, with people thinking that these sort of actions go on in regular practices which of course they don’t.


Therefore, you should never feel threatened when you visit safe online casinos, even when you are making transactions, no matter how big or small. Take Lucky Nugget Casino who are obviously a well-respected and popular online casino in Australia, they are properly regulated with licenses and checks regularly carried which works to make it one of the safest companies that you could possibly look for online, as they follow the stringent Australian gambling laws. Again, this is a pivotal part of any online casino, you need to have the trust of your clients or no matter how good the product you will struggle to attract any type of customers at all. As mentioned the scandal could be a big setback for all of the online gaming and gambling firms because you are sometimes judged by association, however this is where firms need to be reassuring. If they identify the work they do to be regulated, the license checks and the fair way their games are produced it will give some confidence back to the consumers and ensure that they know the Valve situation is unique.

Overall, the Valve Counter-Strike issue is one that will rightly need to be played out in public so people have the full facts of what is going on. However, it should be treated as an isolated incident and it should only reaffirm companies desires to provide a safe and secure service online, not only gaming and gambling. As mentioned, we are turning to the online world for more of our everyday tasks than ever before and it is the duty of companies to ensure all the checks are in place to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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