Using technology to save money in design

Using technology to save money in design

Technology has done incredible things for the design world. Not only has it extended the parameters for what it physically and creatively possible but it has helped to streamline the more basic elements of the design process too.

Whether you’re an international business or an independent designer, the word ‘streamline’ should be music to your ears. Ultimately, there’s a lot technology can do to save money as part of the design process.

Here, we take a look at a handful of tips for designers looking to save a bit of money.

  1. Simulate processes 

Where design and manufacturing come under the same roof, it’s fair to say that a lot of money is wasted alongside the unnecessary use of materials. The trial and error approach has in the past been the only way to see what works when it comes to hands on processes. Fortunately, software is changing this.

By simulating certain aspects of the production line, it’s possible to avoid the wastage of materials which sometimes comes with poor design. Use of CAM software is essential here.

Technology saves money

Technology saves money

  1. Stay digital 

Many designers can succumb to the temptation to bring unfinished designs into the physical realm too soon. The truth is that this can often be a costly process, requiring a large amount of printing work which isn’t actually needed. As well as the environmental cost, this can put stress on a company’s finances.

It can often be more cost-effective for companies to invest in high resolution displays which allow designers to complete the entire process without making any print at all. It should also be possible to remain digital throughout the consultation process, sharing files digitally.

  1. Use open resources 

Sometimes business owners are put off using technology because of the associated costs which can sometimes accompany commercial licenses. While there are sure to be some proprietary pieces of software which it’s in the interests of a business to use, it’s important for companies to take advantage of open resources as well.

Simple things like fonts are readily available online free of charge. There are also a large number of open source alternatives to typical office software which can save businesses large sums of money.

Operating systems themselves can be costly. It’s worth bearing in mind that most design software – CAD and CAM applications – are compatible with Linux which could significantly lower your costs.

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