Travelling Abroad with Business: 10 Essentials that You Shouldn’t Be Without

Travelling Abroad with Business: 10 Essentials that You Shouldn’t Be Without

Travelling abroad can offer some wonderful opportunities for networking and engaging international clients, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Although sun, sea and sand, combined with exotic wineries and delicious local cuisine can sound like something of a dream, the reality of doing business abroad is very different.

Without your home comforts and job essentials close at hand, it requires some serious planning. That’s why we’ve made this short list to help you out. Covering 10 business trip must-haves, it will ensure that your journey abroad is an unqualified success.

#1: A Wheeled Suitcase

Many of us make a rookie mistake when it comes to travelling abroad for business: we grab whatever suitcase or travel bag is closest to hand. Unfortunately, carrying heavy bags packed with all of your paraphernalia is less than ideal in the busy setting of an airport, or whilst hurrying up hotel stairs. Do yourself – and your back – a favour, and invest in a wheeled suitcase for travelling ease.

#2: Your Passport

We all know that we need to take our passports abroad, but it still pays to include them on your holiday checklist. Make absolutely certain that you don’t leave the house without it and then have to make a return trip to pick it up.

#3: Cash

Although most of us use our credit and debit cards for day-to-day purchases, using them abroad is a lot less convenient thanks to the high charges for conversions. Work out how much money you’ll require beforehand, have it exchanged, and then tuck it away somewhere safe until you need it.

#4: Your Laptop

Your laptop is another essential. Make sure that any business data, statistics, presentations etc. that you’ll require are loaded onto it, and that you have your charger, and you’ll be all set to take your business associates by storm.

Be sure to pack an adapter too, to make sure that you can keep your battery topped up.

Traveling with business

Traveling with business

#5: Your Phone

Most of us can’t manage without our phones, so don’t make the mistake of leaving yours behind.

Before you travel, you might also want to consider upgrading to a European or international plan, to keep charges down whilst you’re overseas.

#6: European Breakdown Cover

Some people prefer to drive rather than fly to their business rendezvous, and if you’re one of them, then make sure that you’re covered. Take out special European breakdown cover from a provider like Breakdown Direct, and avoid being stranded on a foreign roadside and unable to meet with your clients.

#7: TripAdvisor App

The TripAdvisor app is another essential. It will provide you with a wealth of information on your local area, from the best places to eat to the premier hotels to stay in, nearby attractions, and the history of the region.

#8: A Guidebook

For the more traditional, a local guidebook also deserves a place in your suitcase. Packed with everything from the cultural history of the region to a few key local words and phrases, it may prove invaluable in helping you to make a good impression on your foreign associates, and will definitely provide some interesting talking points for the dinner table.

#9: A Motivational Playlist

Music makes the world go round, and a motivational playlist can do wonders for your work. Pop in your earphones the night before that big meeting, and you should deliver a sterling performance come morning.

#10: A Good Book

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack a good book. The aim of the trip may be to impress, but you can’t work hard all of the time. Include a real page turner to help you unwind at the end of the day.

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