Top tips to getting the most from your workspace

Top tips to getting the most from your workspace

Have you ever entered your office and had to push boxes out of the way just to make it to your desk?

getting the most from your workspace

Do you find it awkward to meet with clients who are only a centimetre away from you because your work area is so cramped?

It sounds a heck of a lot like you need some more space in your workplace.

Indeed, in a roomier business, productivity will increase for you and your employees, your workplace will look neater and you won’t be violating any fire codes through blocked exits.

Whether you’re in a cramped office or a bustling warehouse, having a clearer space will make you happier and healthier. Because, really, who wants to see a mess when they’re trying to work?

So, give these tips a go to create a more spacious environment for your business.

Take your building to the next level

If you’re feeling the squeeze in your warehouse, you could add another level to your building by installing mezzanine flooring. With the help of mezzanine floor specialists, your extra flooring will fit jigsaw-perfect around your premises.

Lug your junk to the scrapheap

The bane of most businesses is that need to hold onto every last piece of stock in case you can shift it. But, in the fast-moving world of commerce, if you’re not getting rid of old goods, you won’t be able to make your company fresh and vibrant.

Got a bunch of stuff from a client who’ll never get back in touch? Take it to the scrapheap. Holding onto a computer that’s two decades out of date? It’s obsolete. Chuck it.

In business, there’s about as much room for nostalgia as there is for poor profits. So, part with the old and bring in the new to inject some life into your enterprise.

Go high-tech – go digital

It’s amazing to watch old films and see how they predicted the future – it was all flying cars, watches that could talk and robot servants to fulfil your every whim. Now, of course, we have vague approximations of all those things, but no one could have predicted how prevalent technology would be on the business scene.

With the Cloud, instant messaging, laptops and blackberries, you could feasibly never use paper copies ever again, saving the need for bulky filing cabinets. So, get your Buck Rogers on and hop into the 21st century for your space-saving solutions.

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