Top tips for selling your property and making a profit

Top tips for selling your property and making a profit

In today’s property market, selling your house wouldn’t normally strike you as the most difficult task, provided it is well located and in an acceptable state. But for as easy as it may seem, eveng selling your house quickly in Mayfair or in any of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Britain is not always a straight-forward process.


After all, selling below market value is the last thing you want especially given both the previous investment and the growing average prices all around the country. So in order to help you make the maximum profit with your sale, we are looking at some of the most effective ways to maximise property value and sell your property faster.

For a start, always ask yourself a simple question before choosing your estate agent: would you buy a house from the agent you are talking to? Trust is at the core of every commercial success, and the property market is no different.

The best thing would be getting some recommendations from your friends and family. If you don’t have access to them, check the agency’s reputation online across a number of customer reviews.

More  practical factors will involve the agent’s experience in selling houses similar to yours (and for what price), their knowledge of the area and of people coming to live there, as well as their approach to online ads.

It’s also vital to get optimal exposure on the internet: the more visible your property is online, the more visits will be organised, the more potential buyers will get in touch. With higher exposure and demand, it will be much easier to raise the selling price.

If you’re leading the visits to the property, the first golden rule is to make the buyer feel at home. Think of selling your house as a traditional sales process: the customer ultimately needs to dream and see why the product you’re selling to him would be good for his future.

So talk with potential buyers beforehand, get a feel of what they’re after and try to think of the best selling points for their needs.

Once on place you will need to have the perfect sales pitch ready for all different kinds of visitors. To make the most of the visit, it pays to leave some furniture in the house in order to make it easier for the buyer to imagine how to use each and every room.

Another quite common trick of the trade is to apply some white paint: you will want the walls to look clean and neutral. If the buyer will eventually want to change colour, it will be easier for him to do so over white paint than other colours.

Finally, suggest some clever tricks to make the house even more welcoming: if there’s some renovation work to be done, suggest cost-effective ways and solutions. It always pays to be honest and straight-forward in the selling process: a committed buyer is often capable of buying above market value.

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