Top 6 Industries in Australia to Work In

Top 6 Industries in Australia to Work In

Do you know which industries are going to see increased growth and offer long term career prospects into the future? Australia’s economy is still strong, though some sectors are performing better than others and knowing where the trends are can help you to safeguard you against changing market conditions and know where to direct your skillset can be invaluable for new graduates.

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1. Digital Marketing

The marketing and communications industry has undergone a rapid transformation in recent years. While traditional channels still hold relevance, there has been a shift into digital marketing with mobiles and tablets bringing another new dimension to this rapidly changing industry. This is still a relatively emerging market, but one that is only going to continue to grow and evolve.

2. Telecommunications

This is another area that is not going to disappear. While the old landline network and outdated internet infrastructure is being replaced with advancements in mobile telephony and the NBN rollout, keeping people connected is always going to play a large role in modern life.

3. Government

Yes, government. While this may seem like a precarious industry to be entering with several state governments and the federal government all indicating public service jobs will be slashed, marketing and communications vacancies in this sector are continuing to be advertised.

Australian Industries

Australian Industries

4. Energy

We are always going to need utilities – it is just how we get them that will change. With emerging technologies including coal seam gas and more sustainable, renewable energies continuing to be developed and implemented, this is going to be a strong sector for a long time to come.

5. Health Care

This is another industry that will continue to transform and advance without being replaced. Health care is a basic human need (and right) and is by far the world’s largest industry. While funding of the public health system in Australia may seem a little precarious at the moment, there is still opportunities to be had and a growing private sector to tap into.

6. Financial Services

The banking and insurance industry is one that continues to show strong growth in almost any economic climate. There are a number of career paths available, and many of the larger companies offer lucrative graduate placements.

Something that all of these industries have in common is that they are all going to be around in some form for a long time to come, but are likely to undergo various stages of growth, advancements and evolution. Being able to adapt to new technologies is possibly the best way to future proof your career, no matter which industry you choose to work in. Whichever path you go down, staying abreast of developments and continually up skilling can help give you an edge in a competitive jobs market.

Which industries do you think offer the best work opportunities?

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