Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Let’s face it, wasting energy costs you where it hurts the most, the back pocket. While some energy saving tips for homes are common knowledge, others are not so obvious. Every tip you apply on a regular basis will help to lower your utility bills in the long run.

1. Turn out that light!

Switch off the light whenever you leave the room. This is one of the simplest and easiest, yet often neglected methods of saving energy. Whilst your light is switched on, you are consuming costly electricity. Turn the light off and start saving money right now.

2. Switch to using energy efficient light bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) are the modern energy efficient way of lighting your home. They require a fraction of the power to run compared to the old incandescent type bulbs, and have a much longer lifetime.

Until recently, many people have been hesitant to switch to using CFLs due to having dimmer switches installed on many lights. Now there is no reason not to switch as dimmable versions are available from almost any home store.

3. Switch off appliances at the wall socket

Most electrical appliances manufactured today have what is known as a standby mode. You may think you have turned your TV off by pressing the power button, but in reality it is still running quietly in the background. Almost all appliances consume electricity whilst in standby mode.

Switch off appliances at the wall socket and stop wasting power and money. Go switch off your sound system, games consoles and TVs in the spare rooms now and you will see the savings on your next electricity bill.

4. Use a clothes-line instead of the tumble drier

A length of rope and a bag of pegs is all it takes to make big savings. The humble tumble drier is one of the biggest energy suckers in your home. Hang your clothes outside to dry in the breeze and save mega bucks on your electricity bill.

5. Use energy-efficient heating methods in winter

Electric resistance (space heaters) are expensive to run. Space heaters work by directly converting electricity into heat energy. For each dollar you put in in electricity, you get a dollar’s worth of heating output.

Install a heat pump in the main living areas of your home and save on your heating bill. Modern heat pumps can produce up to 4kW of heating for every 1kW of power consumed. That means for every pound you pay for electricity, your heat pump will deliver up to 4 pounds worth of heat energy.

Most people know that not allowing energy-draining products to run when they are not in use saves money, but some products are not as noticeable. You might think that leaving your television converter box on standby, or leaving the household’s power bars on overnight do not matter, but they do drain energy. It takes very little effort to turn all of these “extras” off when you will not be using them for many hours. It is a positive start in cutting energy costs.

Keeping your home in top-notch condition not only creates a nicer environment to live in, but reduces costs as well. One tip is to make sure your apartment or house is prepared for seasonal changes. Doors and windows which do not allow outside air to come into the home will make your air conditioning work better in the summer, and your winter heating will be more effective.

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