Things to Note When Selling Products Online

Things to Note When Selling Products Online

Selling products online is no longer a new phenomenon. Virtually every business has a website or at least a blog or social media account where they market products and services. However, not many businesses are able to improve their Internet sales mainly because their online presence is not enough.


Highlight Your Products

When you sell products online, make sure to make emphasis on your products. If there are unique features to your offering, highlight them. Stress on how differentiated your products from competition.

Also, dedicate one page for each product. This places importance on every product that you sell online. Post a picture or several pictures of the product and then place a good description on the same page. You might also want to add customer review section for that particular product.

Provide Shopping Convenience for Customers

Online customers like to shop in a website that has easy to use functions and pleasurable browsing experience. Some of the basic function in an online store include shopping cart, checkout page, contact form and order form. Some applications are too complex and difficult to use, and you don’t want your customers to leave your site simply because they got “lost” while shopping.

Reward Your Customers

Shopping perks such as discount vouchers, birthday email greetings and product giveaways not only encourage first time purchases but repeat purchases, as well. Customers like to be pampered and to know that their patronage is recognized and appreciated.


Offer Guarantees

Money-back guarantees, product exchange and refunds are just some of the things you can do to ensure customer satisfaction. You do have to put in place rules regarding product returns and handling of complaints, but as a seller you need to take the extra mile whenever possible.

Make Use of Videos

Aside from quality photos, try to add product videos or virtual product tours on your site. Some customers are not satisfied with product photos. They want to actually see or experience the product first. Videos provide customers a visual experience that’s as if they’re really in a shopping store and not a virtual store.

Additionally, invite your customers to drop by your showroom or physical store if they’re close by for some personal encounter with your products.

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