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Things to do to impress your new boss

The first impression is the most important when bulding any new relationship. That ia all the reason to pay extra attention when forming one with your new boss. Follow these examples in order to make a good impression on him from your very first week working there.

Dress smart and watch yourself

Trousers, torn jeans and casual shirts will never prove that you are working as professionals even if you do work hard! The sad truth is that appearance affects the image your boss has about you so be smart about it. Ties, suits and midi skirts can convince your supervisor that you take your position seriously.

That is more like it

That is more like it

Start early and be the last to leave

Certainly the quality of the work is worth more than the quantity of it, but willingness never stays unnoticed! Of course, no one said you should stay extra four hours on the office, as this may constitute that you do not manage your time properly. Instead, get to the office fifteen minutes earlier and leave half an hour after your normal time. At least that you will get noticed by the new boss.

Form an opinion on a matter and speak freely

If you have an opinion about a topic and you may present reasoned arguments, do so without hesitation! This can help the company try something innovative. If every employee always agree with his boss, what would have been of the creativity and progress?  Share even the most crazy ideas, as long as they are in a realistic level and is in accordance with the market situation.

Suggest new things

Suggest new things

Acknowledge your mistake and propose solutions

Even after a wrong decision, confront the accusations and admit your mistake. If you are the new guy in the office ask someone with more years of experience to guide you. Your other option is to check the problem and think of every possible scenario to fix it. Suggest solutions and reassure your boss that it will never happen again.

Always take notes

Keep track of every important piece of information and take notes about it. This is something you must do, especially when your boss assigns one job after another. Remember that the details make the difference! So not only you will learn the secrets of trade faster but also this will show to your colleagues that you are capable.

Keeping notes is always helpful

Keeping notes is always helpful

Never miss a deadline or a meeting

A quick way to losing your job is not to follow the deadlines on projects or miss meetings. Write what you need in a diary and note the schedule of the appointments or obligations. So, you will not lose the respect of your boss but instead, this will help you establish yourself as trustworthy person.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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