Things that Kill a Female Leader’s Confidence

Things that Kill a Female Leader’s Confidence

The world of business is mostly dominated by men. This is why it can be pretty challenging for women to be given a high position in the company. But with courage, determination and confidence, women bosses can slay their roles like any bad-ass leader can.

Here’s what women leaders need to avoid to ensure that they can be the best managers or leaders they want.


Some women want to prove themselves so much that they don’t know they’re already being too perfectionist. They don’t know that they’ve made impossible standards, making their employees’ lives miserable. What’s worse, workers will feel discouraged because they know that no matter what they do, they will still not be good enough.



This makes employees feel inferior, intimidated and never good enough in the eyes of their manager. Telling workers exactly how to complete their task and nitpicking what they finish will suck the life and creativity out of the employees. This is because micromanaging limits people’s abilities to excel.


If you were assigned a managerial position that doesn’t let you make use of your talents and skills, then you could feel disconnected from your job, discouraging you from doing an excellent job in the long run. So, if your new position is not making you happy or engaged, then you should find other opportunities.



No one can get it right the first time. Of course, there’s always trial and error to know which one works best for your style. This means that you should learn to conquer everything you need to know.


Rude and unpleasant co-workers that do not respect you won’t have any work done. This is because they have lower job satisfaction. As a result, they will no longer be happy working for a woman manager.

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