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The Importance of Staff Brand Awareness

When it comes to building a successful company brand, it is important that everyone – from the directors to the entry-level staff – all buy into it. For a brand to be truly effective, it needs to be lived and breathed through the words and actions of your entire company.

Getting on-boardwith your brand

If you thought that effectively communicating a brand simply meant getting your logo seen everywhere, then you will find very limited success and a lot of work still to do. Building a brand requires a strategy which needs to come from the very top of your organisation and be visible in the behaviour of all staff from the back office through to the customer-facing employees.

Brand Awareness for staff

Brand Awareness for staff

Brand is everywhere

Your brand is about everything your company does – from the product it sells, to the customer service it delivers. It also includes the way staff are treated and how they feel about the company. You want your staff to feel part of the brand and therefore be loyal to it and promote it. To do this, they need to feel engaged with their work, feel well treated by the company and understand their role in the big picture. If your staff play a part in defining the values by which they are expected to work, they will be much more inclined to live up to them. Engaging with staff and communicating clearly will help them to understand the brand values and enable them to bring them to life with every customer interaction.

Build your brand behaviours

If your CEO or senior management team don’t display the behaviours of your brand you cannot expect anyone else in the company to do so. Generating a strong sense of vision, values and purpose must come from the top so your CEO must lead by example. Next it is your line managers who play a crucial role in brand engagement so these must be a key consideration when perfecting your brand engagement strategy. Having managers who have good relationships with their teams is central to improving performance and productivity which can be enhanced when all staff feel a strong sense of purpose and pride in their work.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Great work experience

While many people understand that brand is about a good customer experience, what is often overlooked is that it is also about being a good employee experience. Having staff who feel valued and understand the importance of their role will deliver a higher standard of work which all contributes to the quality of the product, service and company image and therefore, ultimately to the overall brand experience. Your brand experience for staff should start at day one of their recruitment and follow through in their training, development and ongoing performance management.

Last but never least

If you have your internal brand engagement strategy working as it should, the natural output will be a great brand experience for the customer. While it may look like they are last in the line of your brand engagement process, remember that it is the need to deliver the right projection of your brand to the customer which starts the entire process. So by starting with the end customer in mind you can carve out the perfect brand journey.

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