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The employees of Swisscom can buy more holidays

The employees of Swisscom can buy holidays

Swisscom , the largest telecommunications company in Switzerland , 56.7 % state-owned Swiss , will buy vacation days to employees who request it . More rest days, more, than those paid to workers and are contractually agreed.



As of January 2014 from one of Swisscom employees will be able to ask for additional 10 days of holidays. Carsten Roetz , spokesman for the giant Swiss phone says :

“Next year we will conduct a pilot project on the purchase of vacation.”

Of the test phase will benefit approximately 1,500 employees of Network & IT Operations, managers and executives of the company.

Additional leave days will be deducted from their  pay check . Is the goal to make cash ? Swisscom denies it, but according to calculations made by Ticinonline if the offer of “buying vacation ” adhered only 30% of the 1,500 employees eligible for the pilot project, the telecoms giant would save 1.8 million francs.

If then the opportunity to buy additional days of leave was extended to all employees of the company, would yield savings of 23 million Swiss francs a year, which is more than 18.7 million Euros

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