The art of keeping your business fresh

The art of keeping your business fresh

Picture the scene – you’re a high-flying client just about to meet the boss of an advertising firm. After stepping off your private jet and travelling from the airport to the firm by chauffeured limousine – my, you are doing well for yourself – you reach the ad agency only to find it in a grey, rundown neighbourhood.

Keep it fresh

Keep it fresh

Stepping through the doors of this tatty building, you’re greeted by a shabby man in a supermarket suit, shaking your hand with sweaty palms and a snake oil grin.

As he gives you the guided tour, you see that the staff are miserable, the office a mess of cracked paint and creaky computer desks, and the washroom… well, let’s just say this business probably doesn’t hire a cleaner.

So what do you do? Well, you take your business elsewhere, don’t you? And, alas, that advertising agency will never see a playboy billionaire tycoon like you ever again.

Now, imagine you’re that previously grinning boss of the ad agency. The playboy billionaire tycoon has scarpered from your office and you’re sitting at your desk with your head in your hands. What did I do wrong? You ask yourself.

Here’s your problem – there was no freshness to your business. The art of a company isn’t solely based on its professional skill, but its presentation standards when wooing a new client.

Giving your business the bright feel it needs

A new prospect is drawn to classy looking companies like a moth to a flame, making constant renovation a key factor for any business. While your place of work might have looked like the bees knees when it opened in 1982, now it needs a lick of paint, at the very least.

Every few years, take a look at the premises you work in. While you might not be able to move into a classier joint, you could make your life a little easier with a hipper look.

Contact a corporate painter and decorator to make your meeting rooms more appealing, a hygiene services company for your washrooms and a morale boost, like a staff day out or training programme, for your staff.

More than this, consider having a look at the types of art and foliage you can populate your office with. While numerous offices will fill their workplace with so-called “motivational” posters and slogans, rarely do these inspire anyone but the most banal of individuals.

Remember – a client is more likely to be impressed by an office with personality than a drab, soulless facility. So, find art that you actually like and that can be admired by your colleagues and clients alike.

In this age where competition is arguably fiercer than it’s ever been, presentation can mean the difference between gaining clients and losing them. So, take your head out of hands, Mr Ad Agency Boss, and make your business fresh again! And, try not to grin so much – it’s unsettling your customers.

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