The 5 search marketing tips your small business needs in 2018

The 5 search marketing tips your small business needs in 2018

Just like a team of dedicated employees, a clear plan of action and demand for supply, any great business needs a strong search marketing strategy to both survive and succeed. While it is essential for any company, a focus on SEO is particularly vital for small and medium sized enterprises that are either just entering the marketplace or looking to up their game in order to compete with the big dogs.

So whether you want to implement a new SEO and search marketing strategy, or if you’re looking for some ways in which to improve an existing approach here are some top tips. Many businesses will recruit the help of expert search agencies like Click Consult but even with the guidance of industry professionals, there are some things you can be doing on a regular basis to keep your search marketing on the straight and narrow.

Improve your user experience

Streamlining your site, improving page loading time and making visiting your website a pleasant experience will reduce bounce rates, keep existing customers coming back and attract a fresh new audience too.

Make sure you’re mobile optimised

Part of great UX is also making sure your website is mobile optimised – not only will this look good under the scrutiny of Google, it will also ensure your visitors enjoy spending time on your site. If you make it difficult for visitors to use your site by failing to make yourself mobile-friendly, you’ll most definitely be missing a trick.

Build up your backlink profile

Building a backlink profile is still one of the most effective ways of climbing the SERPs. Writing guest content or implementing other strategies which will get high authority sites to link back to yours will have a huge impact on your own rankings.

Incorporate video into your marketing plan

Video is the new black and by that we mean: video content is a must in any successful marketing plan for the foreseeable future. Online video is having an astronomical effect on web traffic at the moment and it’s showing no signs of slowing down throughout 2018. In fact, YouTube is fast becoming one of the most popular means of digital search so hop on board the bandwagon pronto.

Consider content and context

Content might have been considered king for the past few years but consider context the new heir to the throne. While the Google spiders will most certainly still be crawling your content for keywords and tags, they will also now be on the lookout for context and relevancy. Create regular, consistent content that isn’t just packed out with search terms – make it matter.

If you have any of your own tips and advice for smashing search marketing in 2018, share them over on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #SEOUncovered.

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