Streamline Your Work Travel

Streamline Your Work Travel

Travelling for work can sound adventurous, but when things don’t go to plan, it can be extremely frustrating. After all, you aren’t on holidays – you still have to be ready to hit the ground running, whether it’s for an important meeting or just coffee with a client. However, you can make travelling for work easy with these three top tips!

Pack Smart

Preparing for work travel is harder than it seems, and you will often feel a little like a packhorse. You’ll probably need to bring your laptop and important documents, as well as suitable attire for whatever you have planned.  It’s important though not to over pack, as this will just weigh you down. For example, you can save on space by choosing clothes that are all in the same colour scheme, meaning you can mix and match to wear them more than once. However, having the right bag can make all the difference. A good bag will allow you to easily organise and streamline your luggage – make sure you get one that is light, spacious and durable. You can even save time in the lead up by shopping for your luggage online from companies such as Bags To Go in Australia.

Work Travel

Work Travel

Zoom Through the Airport

The most frustrating part of work travel is often the time wasted at airport check-in and security lines, but a few smart choices can have you go through these checkpoints quickly and efficiently. Check yourself in ahead of time, and if you haven’t yet, choose your seat too. Seats near the front of the plane and on the aisle are likely to be the last on and the first off. You should think as well about travelling only with carry-on luggage to save time checking in and collecting bags (bonus: you also won’t risk your vital work getting lost by the airline). Finally, prepare for the security checkpoint. Carry your laptop in your hand or have it within easy reach, avoid belts or shoes with metal in them, and leave liquids and aerosols at home. These simple preparations will help you cut down on your time at the airport.

Use the Time to Your Advantage

It’s likely you’re being paid for your time in the air, so you may as well make the most of it and get some work done. Prepare whatever files or documents you need and have them ready to go on your laptop or tablet. Maybe you need to look over a presentation, or check that a proposal has no typos – by working on them in the air, you will give yourself more space to relax once you land.

Do you travel regularly for work? What is your must-know tip? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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