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Startup Hiring: 4 Tips To Help You Out

Every successful business is backed by a highly effective team. That said, you as a business owner know that it’s hard to find a candidate who’s a perfect fit for the job. And as a founder of a startup, you’re competing with big names for the services of a job seeker.

Even if you have less experience and a smaller office space than your competitors, you can still hire the best candidates for a vacant position in your startup.

To help you out, here are five tips to keep in mind:

Be upfront about expectations.

Job Interview with Smiles

Let a prospective employee know that not everything will remain as they are in your startup. Let them know that changes are going to be frequent as your business evolves. It’s important that they understand this so they know what to expect. Otherwise, they might end up burned out or worse, bitter.

Establish relationships with ALL candidates.

Even if you’re desperate to find someone to fill a certain role in your startup, it’s never a good idea to hire the first person that walks into the room. Evaluations and such should be made. But if you do reject a candidate for a position, extend help to them in other ways – giving interview tips, helping them craft a resume, referring them to another job opportunity, etc. By doing these, it can help them make their way back to you when they have gained the necessary skills to be part of your business.

Offer exciting benefits.

It would be very wrong for you to falsely advertise that they would be making a lot in your company. Even if you don’t pay that much, outline incentives that make people want to work for you. These can include personal development programs and opportunities to take on new responsibilities within your company.

Make new recruits feel like family.


Just because you hired them doesn’t mean that you have to stop reminding them of opportunities at your company. Challenge them, but not to a point where they get overwhelmed. Provide them with resources to help them become successful. By doing these in your startup, you’ll find that retention rate will be so much better. And you might even be surprised as to what your new recruits can accomplish.

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