Staff stickability — 3 recruitment and retention tips

On the face of it, attracting the right staff to your company and persuading them to stay shouldn’t be too tricky a knot to entangle.

After all, if workers are paid fairly, workloads aren’t unreasonable, and the office environment is tidy, why shouldn’t they be satisfied?

However, like any dynamic that involves humans, the devil is in the detail. For instance, what’s advertised as a ‘competitive salary’ might barely be enough to pay the bills in a stagnant wage market and ‘interesting challenges’ may equate to one worker doing the duties of three.

As far as office decor is concerned, some companies might not realise that their cheap beige cubicle farms are corporate misery holes for some employees.

But help is at hand — if you want to develop your own secret formula for staff stickability, here are three recruitment and retention tips.

  1. Pay

Money might not be the only motivating factor that attracts new employees to your enterprise and encourages time-tested workers to stick around, but it’s one of the most important.

Non-cash perks and progressive cultures can be persuasive — but when people haven’t had a raise for years while prices surge unstoppably, they don’t pay the bills.

The Autumn 2018 Labour Market Report from professional HR organization CIPD reveals that 48 per cent of organisations have started raising salaries to mitigate recruitment challenges and 51 per cent of those experiencing retention problems have already increased salaries.

So provided it’s a possibility, perhaps a slight increase in remunerations would pay dividends in terms of boosting employee loyalty and enhancing your company’s recruitment reputation.

  1. Culture

Mention organisational culture to some managers and frontline workers and you’ll be met by a cynical scoff or surly scowl — they either don’t believe in its transformational power or have experienced firms paying lip service to concepts like values and transparency without genuinely implementing them.

But this mix of positive philosophies, psychological tools, policies, procedures and behaviours informs and influences every part of your operations, including recruitment and retention.

Get it right and culture will supercharge employee performance, increase profitability and attract the right talent to your team — a culture consultancy like Dragonfish helps you change for the better.

  1. Pensions and benefits

As well as pay, an attractive pensions and benefits package could sweeten the recruitment and retention outlook for many firms.

According to a survey from pension provider Aegon in March 2018, 42 per cent of businesses said that their recruitment drives were more effective thanks to improved pension schemes and the same percentage believed that an attractive pension provision improved staff retention rates.

The survey also contains anecdotal evidence that more employees than previously are enquiring about pension deals prior to accepting job offers and HR departments are including pensions as crucial contributors to complete reward packages.

If you’re interested in revamping your approach, pensions experts Chancellor Financial Management can help design a bespoke employee package for your firm.

That’s our list! Please share your recruitment and retention tips in the comments section.

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