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Sort out the mess in your office – get organised!

There’s a brouhaha in your office, and it’s time you sorted it out.

The payroll has been dodgy for months, your staff don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing, your clients are clueless about your company and you’ve got finance receipts that are about as clear as the Enigma machine.


mess in office

Poor organisation lies at the root of many entrepreneurial failures. Whether it’s a lack of forward planning or staff training, managers who can’t place one foot in front of the other are bound to trip up.

It can happen to the best of businesses – without effective planning and delegation, you’ll go from spinning plates with ease to staring at a whole load of smashed crockery.

With that in mind, it’s time to grab your metaphorical broom and sweep away your administrative mess. But what do you need to start your business afresh?

Patch up your payroll

Paying all your employees can take aeons of your time. It’s the type of chore that’ll lead you to think, I could’ve done so many other things in the time it’s taken to do this.

Even fobbing the task off on your HR manager will monopolise their time. What you need is top-notch payroll software that’ll make handing out salaries quick and easy.

The cream of the payroll software crop requires very little steering, so your HR crew can get on with other jobs and let the salaries handle themselves.

Grab a cracking PA

You might have the organisational skills of an amnesiac goldfish – but your assistant has no such excuse.

If your entrepreneurial mind is a bit pie in the sky, you’ll need a PA who’s as sharp as a tack. They’ll need cracking organisational skills, the initiative to perform tasks without your guidance and the drive to keep you on top of your vital appointments and schmoozing sessions.

You’ll have to interview pretty thoroughly to get an employee with the right stuff, and finding someone with the dedication, patience, thoroughness and drive to impress their boss can take a lot of trial and error.

Look for someone with great references and in-depth experience – if your business is in disarray, you’ll need their skills.

Keep clients in the loop

No matter how disorganised your business is, there’s no excuse for neglecting your clients. People who’ve put their cash in your hands deserve constant reassurance on the service you provide.

Whether through regular emails, phone conversations, face-to-face meets or good old-fashioned letters, communication can put your clients mind at ease.

Naturally, some bullish clients will never be satisfied, no matter what you tell them. But with polite, regular contact, you can, at the very least, build a rapport that will keep them committed for the long haul.

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