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Social Networks | The great allies of SMEs

The fact that social networks have revolutionized the field of marketing is something that everyone knows by now. More and more SMEs use social media presence to be known and have visibility to potential new customers.

The use of data networks

According to a study by LinkedIn, the number of medium and small businesses that use them in their digital marketing campaigns already reaches 81%, a trend that is estimated to continue to increase.

Social networks can assist greatly in the development of your business

Social networks can assist greatly in the development of your business

Some significant data that can be drawn from a recent study are:

  • 9 out of 10 SMEs plans to use social media in their digital marketing campaigns.
  • 94% use them to increase their brand awareness and develop a stronger online presence. The 91% has been achieved in the past year.
  • Most uses to encourage word of mouth about your brand, disseminate corporate content, business news, etc..
  • 2 out of 3 entrepreneurs work on social media to get new customers. 61% achieved the objectives in its strategy.

Importance of good management

Learning to manage and make a good social media marketing strategy is no easy task. Not everyone has the ability or knowledge analysis to find the dynamic of the existing networks successfully. Therefore we recommend to companies that hire a Community Manager. Having a profile like his in your template can be very beneficial in moderating online communities and managing the online reputation of your company, since he will be the one responsible for dealing with that ascpect of it.

You need someone to make order out this chaos

You need someone to make order out this chaos

Much more than commercial benefits

Social networks give SMEs much more than commercial benefits. Social media are postulated as the tool to stay connected with the industry today, which allows to increase knowledge about the latest business trends. In addition, social networks act as an ancient Greek Forum, a place to meet to discuss and share knowledge with experts and professionals. Apart from being a tool for customer acquisition, they are also an opportunity to expand the network.

Somehow, social networks have brought a democratization of mass communication, both in the media and in the business sector. Networks are open to both large and small companies, and although the budget for the campaign has an important weight, the key to success stems from the ability to know how to connect with the target audience and know how to generate engagement with the various users.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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