Signs of a Passive-Aggressive Employer Who Gets Employees to Quit

Signs of a Passive-Aggressive Employer Who Gets Employees to Quit

It’s the employer’s responsibility to take care of his employees’ welfare. After all, happy workers mean higher productivity. Find out whether you’re being a passive-aggressive boss that gets their employees to quit.

Assigning an unimportant task for a crucial project.

For example, getting a staff to take care of making copies of the minutes of the meeting for an important project that he or she is not a part of, unless she is your secretary. Although it sounds like you want that employee to be part of the project, it’s demeaning and makes anyone question their worth.


Mysteriously excluding a team member from strings of crucial emails.

It can be demotivating and depressing for an employee to find that she has been cut off from emails and updates that she used to be a part of.

Changing a staff’s responsibilities without any notification.

Having someone else take over an employee’s tasks without informing her is quite insulting. Even if the reason for this move is because of the staff’s incompetence, it’s still a professional thing to do to notify the party concerned.

Promising something without the intention of fulfilling it.

If you’ve promised a worker a raise or a promotion, make sure you have the intention to fulfill such promise. In other words, don’t promise anything you don’t intend to keep.

Avoiding or simply ignoring an employee’s question, concern or suggestion.


This is worse when you assign a task to a staff who thought that it was for an important project only to find out that her efforts are not recognized or worse, ignored.

Talking about a staff’s performance to other people.

Telling others how you feel about an employee’s performance is not only irresponsible, but also very unprofessional and cowardly. Don’t undermine people; if you’re not happy with their performance, speak to them and explain why you think so. Being a leader entails lots of responsibilities especially to your employees. So be a good leader by getting rid of your crappy attitude.

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