Shipping Options For Your New Business

Shipping Options For Your New Business

When starting a new company, an entrepreneur should schedule pickups at the same time each day, select a carrier that offers tracking numbers and a system that is updated in real time and ensure that customers can choose to insure packages of all sizes.


The United States Postal Service provides lower prices than UPS and FedEx. However, the company’s tracking system will only update the status of a package approximately two hours after it has arrived at a new location, and according to reviews, 12 percent of patrons who choose overnight delivery will actually receive their shipments within two days.


Operating door-to-door in over 220 countries, DHL is an easy and reliable alternative, as the world’s largest logistics company operating around the world and a market leader in sea and air mail.

Global Shipping

Global Shipping

Reasonable Prices

One study indicated that 63 percent of customers are likely to cancel an online order if the cost of delivery is higher than the prices that the enterprise’s competitors charge for shipping. Both DHL and USPS will provide substantial discounts for businesses that send more than 200 packages to customers per week.

Scheduling Pickups And Deliveries

When negotiating with a business that provides logistics services, the proprietor should request that a representative come to the business at least two times during the day. Many entrepreneurs have explained that the first stop should be scheduled early in order to give the proprietor at least five hours to manage newly arrived goods, raw materials or payments that the company has received.

Swiftly Shipping Products

The business owner can designate a time by which a purchase must be made to ensure that the package will be sent on the same day. A recent study indicated that providing same-day shipping for all orders that are made by 2 p.m. can increase an e-commerce site’s monthly revenue by 10 percent.

Shipping world

Shipping world

Free Price Estimates

Instead of offering a flat rate, a business owner can opt to add a calculator to the company’s website that allows visitors to instantaneously determine the prices of shipping certain items to their locations. Additionally, a guest will be able to view the estimated delivery date of the product.

Offering Delivery Confirmation And Insurance

A business can require customers to provide a signature in order to receive valuable packages, and although the carrier will charge a small fee for this service, requesting a handwritten signature will ensure that a customer can’t claim that the shipment never arrived at the patron’s location.

Written by Nikos Kontorigas

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