Secret to Entrepreneurial Success: Managerial Skills

Secret to Entrepreneurial Success: Managerial Skills

Most occupations require using instruments and tools for work trade, and much of a professional’s success will come from the ability to use these required tools skillfully. Engineers use calculators, surgeons use scalpels and pilots work with cockpit instruments that show altitude and speed details. So what is an entrepreneur’s instrument?


Managerial skills form part of every entrepreneur’s trump card. Without this set skill, it will be difficult to effectively run an organization comprised of diverse individuals with different outlooks and perspectives. Not to mention, entrepreneurs will need to bring in investors and investors prefer dealing with leaders who can effectively manage people, budgets and operations.

– To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be able to make good decisions especially when it comes to time. Prioritize tasks according to their importance and relevance. Do short- and long-term planning. Also, engage in economic forecasting and market research.

– A good sense of evaluation is also necessary especially when it comes to hiring potential employees. Judge not just based on technical skills but on character as well. Find people who have the same vision as your organization and go for those who work well with others.


– Winning clients is one of the most vital management undertakings of an entrepreneur. This is because clients are the ones keeping the business going. Thus, in line with this, entrepreneurs must be able to juggle customers, oversee interactions between customers and employees, troubleshoot problems and, most importantly, ensure customer satisfaction. A good entrepreneur is a people-person, one who has no trouble establishing relationships with complete strangers.

While business literature is full of descriptions and prescriptions concerning entrepreneurship, the reality is that success in this venture is not just some analytical skill anyone can easily pick up from books or classrooms. It requires a sense of self-awareness (knowing what you can and cannot do) as well as empathy (ability to read the people around you).

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