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Save safely with investment funds

Achieving your financial goals can be treacherous. In the jungle of financial products such as funds, deposit accounts, retirement savings, etc., it is difficult to know how to choose what best suits your needs and most importantly, do not expose them to excessive risks for your finances.

However, investors who do not intend to take any chances, are intended to be satisfied with extremely low yields, therefore it is necessary to know how to guide your choice among the various financial tools that the market provides. The hazards are necessary and even more cautious savers are faced with fluctuations in the financial markets. The financial experts, however, agree that the best solution to minimize the risks is the diversification, ie to allocate your savings on a large number of stocks and bonds.

Investment funds

Investment funds

The investment funds are well suited for this purpose because they allow you to diversify your portfolio and are also suitable for those with modest sums. Mutual funds divide investment in the tens or even hundreds of securities; so even if one of the companies chosen were to collapse, the loss for the investor would still be contained.

The solutions to choose the best investment fund are different: you can go to a financial planner, contact your bank, buy it directly online (for experts) or contact a company for independent financial advice. The latter has often been developed in recent years and are the result of MiFID, a European directive adopted in 2007 to harmonize the rules on financial instruments of all member states of the EEA (European Economic Area).

Investment funds

Investment funds

The purpose of the consultancy is to provide an independent financial management of the savings of customers without incurring any conflict of interest, as is the case for the classical brokers offering financial services and products provided by a central body.

In conclusion, we can say that there is a surefire recipe to invest in total security. However, the financial market offers many solutions with different levels of risk, so the investor is up to the task of choosing the best solution. The best and most secure way to do so is by being guided by experienced professionals and avoid the do-it-yourself solutions.

By +Nikos Kontorigas

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