Recruiting Myths to Avoid When Hiring Employees

Recruiting Myths to Avoid When Hiring Employees

Employees are pillars of the business. Having said that, it is important for human resource to hire the right candidates for the job and there should be less if not no room for errors. Albeit upper management usually makes the final decision in choosing the perfect candidate, it is the hiring personnel’s task to handle the initial screening. Knowing what myths to take note of is imperative to have a perfect match.

Testing is more significant than interviews.

During the hiring process, criteria for considering a candidate should include tests, resume, interview, background information and character references. This is because how the interview goes as well as the background information of the job applicant will help the hiring officer making the right selection. Tests are given to determine the skills and knowledge of the candidate and these are significant tools but interviews should have the same weight as these tests.


Mistakes in the hiring process will be minimised by asking good questions.

It is true that asking good questions is crucial but recruitment mangers should be aware that this should be the basis of hiring since there is little room for hiring errors. Asking good questions during the interview should be a determining factor. What is essential is for the hiring officer to be observant and have a good listening ear during the interview. Non-verbal cues and details play a significant role when considering a candidate. It is not always focusing on the right questions but more on concentrating on the answers of the job-seeker.

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Good interviews results to choosing the perfect candidate for the position.

If recruiters do not possess listening skills and are not focused on details, they might end up hiring the wrong candidate. Despite asking good questions, it is possible that the person applying for the job has done his or homework and practised how to handle the interview. This means that the notion that good interviews results to hiring the right candidate is a myth. Choosing the perfect person for the job is a result of using several factors.

If the wrong candidate is chosen, this can affect the business. This is why separating the myths from facts in the hiring process will definitely make a difference.

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