Reasons Why Human Resource Must Hasten Its Hiring Process

Reasons Why Human Resource Must Hasten Its Hiring Process

Have you been slacking in responding to job applications? Are you losing the opportunity to hire great talent mainly because it takes several days before you respond to interest? Well, it is about time you need to end slow hiring.

There are two main reasons why HR needs to shorten and hasten its hiring process: it damages recruitment process and it damages business results. It is not surprising therefore that the need to make a speedy hire is the first and top challenge HR professional face.


Slow hiring means losing high demand candidates who are only available on the market for a few days. Skilled and talented applicants normally receive many offers or only look at only a handful of job vacancies, and the first to respond usually gets their nod.

Slow hiring does not improve quality of applicants, but does the exact opposite. While choosing among applicants and reviewing resumes takes time, unnecessary delays cause you to lose good hires to other firms. The best candidates always get hired first and fast.

Slow hiring means having vacant positions for prolonged period, which equates to lost productivity and lost revenue. The reason for hiring is to increase productivity, and if you are too slow with personnel selection, your productivity is on the line. Vacant positions, especially key positions, are critical to productivity. So even if you are not paying salary, you are actually losing money.


Slow hiring means slow decision-making. If you are keen about your image, it becomes necessary to make your processes more efficient, and speeding up hiring is an essential part of that.

To solve and to improve slow hiring process, HR professionals need to evaluate recruitment tools, programs and strategies. As with all other company processes, cause of delay needs to be determined and solved. Bottlenecks in recruitment could be in deliberating candidate selection or in processing personal data. Whatever the reason for downtime in hiring, there is no excuse for keeping recruitment process longer than necessary especially if it means losing opportunities and revenues.

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