Reasons to Prepare for the Smartphone Revolution

Reasons to Prepare for the Smartphone Revolution

Doing business is a continuous process of improving your brand, products, services, and marketing strategies. Whatever changes that happen to the rest of the world, entrepreneurs should find ways to adopt as well, especially if it means more profit. So, are you ready for the so-called smartphone revolution?

For a company that recently expanded to the virtual market, the new concept may seem like another expensive obstacle. Not trying to overcome it, however, could be disastrous for you. What exactly will you gain from this phenomenon?


More business opportunities

Statistics show that smartphone ownership has increased to 56% in 2013. And the rate at which iPhone sales are going, it won’t be long before there will be more smartphones than people in this world. With an enterprise solution available on mobile devices, it will be easier for people to find and do business with you.

Increased client base

Say your company isn’t niche-based and you cater to a wide and varied demographics. You’ll be happy to know that every age bracket has a good percentage of smartphone owners.

  • 81% are 18 to 29 years old

  • 68% are 30 to 49

  • 40% are 50 to 64

  • 11% are 65 and above

Although not all of them are part of your target market, the numbers are promising.

Lower overheads

Initial implementation of going mobile may be expensive, what with development phase and the employee training involved. Once things are running smoothly in-house and out, however, you will begin to see plenty of benefits.

  • You can automate business processes, cutting down time that would cost you money

  • You can streamline and shorten an activity to eliminate costly mistakes, between ordering and delivery, for instance

  • You can lessen offline advertising, which is usually more expensive than digital marketing

The way people access information are changing, and smartphones are fast-becoming their go-to device. Be part of the revolution and you will reap rewards.


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