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Preventing Injury in Your Workplace

Every business that is larger than a sole trader has a heavy reliance on employees – your people are the backbone and the frontline of your company. When things go wrong for your staff, it often spells trouble for you, so it makes sense to do everything you possibly can to keep everyone on your work team healthy and safe.

Some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others; a construction worker faces more risks on a daily basis than an accountant. However, even though every job is different and has unique challenges, they all do have one thing in common: there is always a potential for injury. Below are three tips to help you prevent injuries from negatively impacting your business.

1. Get Advice from Experts

You may not be in the best position to objectively analyse the risks that are present in your workplace. An outside opinion can often reveal things that you wouldn’t have previously considered, and the best kind of outside opinion is one from an expert in the field. Valuable resources for workplace injury advice can include WorkCover QLD, professional OH&S companies, or law firms, such as Patinos Personal Lawyers , that regularly deal with workplace accident claims.

Injury prevention

Injury prevention

2. Spot the Dangers

This is something all business owners and managers can, and should, do regularly. For low-risk workplaces, identifying the potential hazards can be as simple as walking through the office and making notes on anything that could possibly cause an injury to your workers. Workplaces with more dangers present, on the other hand, would benefit from an extensive analysis or even bringing in an external third party to perform a formal hazards check and report. Even though not every potential risk in your workplace can be nullified after it is recognised, being aware of these hazards will enable you to take reasonable steps to minimise the threats they pose.

3. Communicate

Never assume that a potential hazard that is obvious to you is obvious to all of your staff. It’s crucial to speak with your workers individually about any risks that they face, as well as routinely discussing potential dangers during staff meetings. Talk to your employees about what elements in the workplace could cause them an injury, the best ways they can avoid this happening, and the procedure for if an incident does occur. By sharing knowledge and information around your entire workforce, you’ll ensure that each of your team members are more aware of their surroundings and better equipped to deal with risks in the workplace.

There’s nothing positive about an injury in the workplace, whether it results in simply employee downtime or – worse – an unpleasant and expensive lawsuit. When you consider the financial, reputational, and emotional strain that can occur for you, your team, and your business when an unfortunate accident befalls one of your staff, it’s very clear that you should do everything in your power to prevent injuries from occurring. Please use this post as a starting point from which to explore methods of eliminating or reducing the risks that are specific to your workplace.

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