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Planning a Team Building Activity for Your Company Staff

Team building or staff retreat is an event that your company needs to carry out in order to strengthen the camaraderie and support within your organization. Remember that people are you most important resource – they offer you their time, talent, and ideas.

Be Clear with the Agenda

If it’s all for diversion and fun, then plan for an entertaining team building. If it’s for loosening up and relaxing, you may go on a trip to a spa resort or movie house. If it’s for company planning, then allocate time for serious business. If it’s for giving back, then let the staff know the event isn’t about them but other people in need. Be flexible with the way you choose and carry out the activities.


Determine the Theme

The theme of the event paves the way for choosing the location and activities that you can execute during the team building. For instance, if the theme is seaside, then consider booking a beach resort, and choose team-building activities doable within the resort such as beach volleyball, water relay, kayaking, etc.

Incorporate Personal/Professional Development

No matter what the agenda or theme, team building is an event ripe for developing everyone’s personal and professional aspects. Amid all the fun, make sure that everyone realizes the importance of working together, becoming better, and embracing company ideals.

Get Everybody to Join

From planning to D-day, have everyone join. This is a team building activity after all. Make sure that no one is left out, and that the activities you choose cater to all sorts of people within your organization, including those with disabilities. If need be, let your staff bring in their family for a more exciting time of bonding and getting to know you.


Determine the Budget

Team building doesn’t need to be expensive. You can have theme dinners at a suite where you buy your own ingredients, cook your own food, and then perhaps have some social activities afterwards. No matter how small the budget, try going off-site for a change. Team building isn’t your typical boardroom meeting. You need to socialize and move about.

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