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Pawn Items and Get Short-Term Funding

Need to make quick cash?

If a payday loan is out of the question, you might want to rummage through your collection of luxury items and find one or two that you can pawn. Pawning is a great way to get short-term funding in as little as 1 hour. But don’t get your hopes way up high just yet, because the stuff you want pawned may be unacceptable.

A fake is a fake

Pawnshops accept pretty much anything of value, provided it is genuine. That luxury bag you own might make you some money. But with the many counterfeits in the market, your accessory might cost nil. Still, it pays to have it checked and appraised.

Gold that glitters

With the gold market steadily getting better, pawning your gold jewels might just be what you need to make quick cash. And don’t worry if that necklace or bracelet has been inside an old chest for like forever, some pawnshops can clean it up for you and provide a date even without proof of purchase.


Anything can be good

Almost anything can be pawned these days, from moon rock to antiques. But you must have an item checked to see just how much money you can make from it. Don’t worry if what you are about to pawned seems unusual, no one will judge you.

Better with paperwork

Appraisal can take a long time if an item doesn’t come with paperwork. This doesn’t mean you can’t pawn it, however, just that you need to wait a little longer. With proper documentation, you can be in and out of the shop in a matter of minutes. What is even better is that an authentication can mean more money for you, especially if an item is pretty old.

After you get the cash, however, remember that you need to pay it back so you can redeem the pawned item. Otherwise…well, you know what will happen.


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