Parting Ways with an Employee in a Humane Manner

Parting Ways with an Employee in a Humane Manner

There are times when employees don’t perform as expected. And even if you’ve given them several chances and done everything you can in your power to help them improve their performance, nothing seems to be working. Your last resort would be to let go of such workers. But as an employer, it is obligation, not just professionally but also morally, to part ways with team members in the most humane manner possible.


Make the necessary preparations. These include practicing or at least getting a good idea of what you’re going to say to the employee in question. That way, everything will go smoothly. You should also prepare the necessary documentation to prove your case and to prevent the worker from feeling that he or she is unfairly judged.

Decide on the best time and place. It would be rude to discuss the employee’s dismissal in his or her cubicle or desk. The meeting has to be in a place that allows for some privacy. Lunchtime would also be a great time to talk to the staff. That way, business impacts are minimized.

It’s also important to have at least 15 minutes to prepare for your meeting with the problem employee. This is to be sure that you’ll be able to have a clear mind when you discuss his or her termination.

Focus on what’s important. When terminating a worker, always focus on the facts to avoid making him or her feel that you are personally attacking the said worker. You should also make it a point to follow laws regarding letting go of employees to ensure that you follow due process.


Keep your business’ protection in mind. There needs to be proper documentation of everything that will take place in the company regarding the termination of a worker’s employment. You should also have a copy of company rules, code of conduct and position requirements and/or expectations. Without these important documents, you might lose in a lawsuit should the employee decide to file a complaint against your business. When that happens, you will most likely lose a lot of money.

Have someone else with you. It’s best to have an HR manager or representative when discussing a person’s termination. You never know how a person will react in such an emotional and sensitive situation.

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