New Year’s Resolution: becoming a green business in 2017

New Year’s Resolution: becoming a green business in 2017

It’s that time again already, with Christmas well and truly under way, when you start looking forward to the end of one year and the beginning of another.

But forget about vowing to lose weight or swearing off alcohol for the next month as you compile your annual list of New Year’s resolutions – you’ve only got an eight per cent chance of achieving those classic, tired targets anyway.

Instead, head into 2017 with a clear and attainable goal: This year, your business is finally going green.

It’s a big challenge, so to help you manage the process as smoothly as possible, we’ve split it into three small resolutions that add up to one massive change. Take a look.

#1: go paperless

Imagine an office free of bulky, ugly filing cabinets and desks utterly devoid of messy piles of unorganised paperwork – sounds dreamy, right? Adopting paperless ways of working will leave your workplace tidier and more environmentally friendly.


Swap to hand dryers in the toilets to cut down on paper towels, get tech-savvy with collaborative software or invest in electronic signature tools to get rid of printed contracts.

A few little changes will significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by your business, but it’ll take time to fully swap over to a paperless office – keep recycling along the way.

#2: embrace energy efficiency

It takes a lot of energy to keep a business going, what with computers to power and equipment to run, so trying to figure out how to cut down energy usage can be a daunting task.

embrace energy efficiency

Starting small is the key to success. Swap to energy efficient light bulbs, put sensors or timers on lights in unused parts of the building and make it a rule that everyone must turn off computers and other electrical equipment at the end of every day.

You can also improve the overall energy efficiency of your office by getting a company to do an energy audit. You can normally get one for free and it’ll quickly point out where there’s room for improvement.

#3: reduce your carbon footprint

According to scientists, to reverse the harmful effects of global warming, each individual must reduce their carbon footprint by 80 per cent. It may sound like a lot but remember you’re already well on your way.


By going paperless and embracing energy efficiency in every area of your business your carbon footprint will be significantly lighter – just don’t stop there.

Travel is one of the biggest contributions to carbon output so figuring out ways of reducing car journeys is essential. Avoid travelling for meetings by suggesting a Skype or conference call instead, use public transport when possible and establish a car pool scheme for employees.

Follow our three steps for going green at work and you’ll be able to end 2017 with smug boasts about how, against all odds, you actually managed to achieve your New Year’s resolution.

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