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Making Room: 5 hacks to make Space in your Office

It doesn’t matter whether your office is small or large – it always helps to have a lot of space just to help you be more productive, or feel like you have room to move around without being stifled. It’s especially important if you work with other people – you don’t want to be knocking elbows while going about doing your work. Let’s have a look at five hacks that will make space in your office.

1. Clever storage

Stackable storage, mobile storage, multi-tiered storage, revolving storage, open or closed storage – whatever your needs, there are many companies out there who will have the answer. Try companies like Elbowroom, which strive to cater to any size of office space, and will have storage solutions for any item or document – no doubt saving you a whole lot of space and most likely saving you time too!

2. Multi-purpose Furniture

When you don’t have a lot of space, make multi-purpose furniture your friend! Getting a table or desk that has shelves in place of legs will give you options to store your items, cutting down your need for extra shelves by at least half. Utilise stools with a flat seat – they don’t only act as something to sit on, but also as a means of holding some items. Likewise, a trolley on wheels is a mobile way to store large items like printers.

3. Mobile Desk

Do you really want to spend a large sum of money on a fancy hardwood desk or shelves? Keep in mind that you can turn any tabletop into a workspace, especially if there’s a lot of surface area. A really nifty thing to do is put wheels on your desk too, so it can move with you around the office when the occasion calls for you to make some more room for something else.

Spacious office

Spacious office

4. Suspended Storage

The less you have on the floor, the better. Cables should be strung up on hooks rather than lying all over the floor, which is messy and a potential hazard. Shelving attached to walls is must for all the smaller items, as are hanging units made of soft material, rather than plastic, wood or metal – these make for funky additions to any office!

5. Blackboard Paint

A current trend, blackboard paint actually comes in many colours, not just black. You can write on it with chalk just like you would a blackboard! It’s an ingenious space-saving way to jot down ideas, phone numbers, important dates, or sketch if your job is creative. You can even write down inspirational quotes to keep you going. This is such a visually appealing option that will save space because you won’t need to fill up areas with bits of paper that will only get misplaced, or stack up and eventually need to be thrown out.

With so many nifty tricks, it’s easy to make space in your office. Storage systems have come a long way, and over the years, some very clever people have come up with innovative ways to deal with office tasks, in ways that don’t take up much space. Why not try out these ideas for yourself?

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