Know the Kind of Entrepreneur that You Are

Know the Kind of Entrepreneur that You Are

All entrepreneurs may seem the same to you. But once you get to know many of them, you’ll notice that there are actually several types of businesspersons. Which one are you?

The Sales Minded

A sales-minded entrepreneur is focused on the business, making investors confident that they’ll be able to get their money out. Generally, the kind of business that this type of entrepreneur is mostly inspired by a problem they have encountered and solved. Aside from that, they have financial connects to help raise eyebrows.


The Hacker

This class of businessperson is self-taught and has been immersed in “hacker culture,” which is where the likes of Mark Zuckerberg came from. They are always in the know about the latest software developments, which is why opportunities are never scarce for those with their skills set. Yet they choose to create things that people are going to use rather than create products to make money.

The Jack-of-All-Trades

Thanks to the collective knowledge available on the internet – Google, social media, Wikipedia – there is now this type of entrepreneur. These people take advantage of inexpensive tools to give them a good idea of how to run a business. Although they don’t usually have technical know-how, codes might not be compliant or marketing techniques may not necessarily follow frameworks and financial model may be missing the fundamentals, they are the kind of business owners who can get things done, whatever is required. However, one disadvantage to this type of entrepreneur is the risk of burn out for being responsible for too many things.


The Misfit

When a business owner belongs to this class, he or she is essentially not hire-able despite being smart, hardworking and aggressive. This is because they believe that building a company is the only way to survive in life. They also won’t take investor money because they would rather grow slowly – it’s all about proving their worth and themselves to other people. Now, do you know what kind of entrepreneur are you?

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