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It is urgent to create more competition between the current accounts

Being old customers of a bank does not seem advantageous, at least as regards the costs of current accounts. Net of uses in debt, in 2012 the average expenditure for a checking account open for at least 10 years has been in Italy for € 86.90 with peaks of 101 Euros. While those who have changed or opened a new bank account have paid an average of just 60.5 – with savings of up to 40%.



It is obvious that the banks want to attract new customers by bringing into the field of marketing strategies, but with the passage of time, the attention to one of the account holders tends to decrease. From the consumer’s best defense is to periodically compare their own initiative and the various opportunities available to choose the best deal. In fairness it must be said that some small step forward by banks has been done : the average expenditure for the operation of an account has fallen to € 4.80 in 2012 compared to 2011, when it was already down to 9.20 € compared to 2010. However, the European Commission wants us to do more and that banks are more transparent to their customers by providing clear information on costs and services offered. The European proposal provides a website where you can compare services and banking costs to choose the most convenient conditions. How to provide the rules of competition, already in force in other markets, such as energy and telecommunications. It is no coincidence that the operators of the two areas mentioned have already taken a step beyond the search for new customers, with the proposed conditions also cheaper to old customers – obviously for the purpose of retention.

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