Innovative Ways to Improve Your Customer Retention Strategy

Innovative Ways to Improve Your Customer Retention Strategy

Do you think that you already have a strong customer retention strategy? Well, there are still plenty of tiny innovative tweaks to improve it. As you can see, there are many people in the world of ecommerce world who would try and steal your customers that you have worked so hard to earn. To avoid losing your valued customers, here are ways to keep improving your retention strategy:

  • Determine who are being retained and understand them to be able to develop better retention techniques.

Before you implement any new ideas, it is best to dig deeper into your data first and identify which cohorts of customers are being retained and learn from them.

  • Make sure you respond to every message communicated to you and cover every chance at engagement.


Like most online businesses of today, you should be already having a number of channels to communicate with your target market. However, the number of the means of communication, such as email, social media and the good old telephone, are growing all the time. Knowing this, you should adopt a policy in your company that requires your people not to ignore customer engagement and to respond as soon as possible.

  • Boost your content marketing efforts.

Take note that people are biased towards the services and products that they are exposed to and would usually go for those that they have heard about from their family and friends or have stumbled upon while browsing the internet. Take advantage of this fact in improving your customer retention strategy.


  • Create an exclusive club for high-performing customers.

People like to feel special, thus creating an exclusive club for your VIP customers will definitely give you a win in this psychological game. Though this would take time and money, it will surely help differentiate you from your competitors and bring you positive returns.

By considering these tips, you will be able to gain momentum and start improving your customer retention plan to ensure your bottom line.

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