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I Have Google Adwords, Why Set Up Analytics, Too?

Even if you already set up your Google Adwords account, you can’t just stick with it.  You also need to link your Adwords with Google Analytics. This is because the data you get from Adwords may already appear overwhelming, but that’s not all the useful data you need to improve your online campaign. There’s so much data at your perusal when you have Analytics.

Know Your Customers

For one, Analytics provide helpful information about your customers buying behavior. For instance, it gives you insight as to what particular hours of the day, or days of the week they are most likely visiting your site and how engaged they are.

You can also derive data as to the geographic locations from which sessions or clicks from from – whether you’re targeting the right location or merely spending money on clicks that are otherwise not converting for you.


Measure Your Performance

There are so many metrics you can use with Analytics, and Adwords is just one of them. With Analytics, you can set up goals or conversions to help you measure the performance of your campaign. For instance, you might want to track the number of contact form sent your way via organic or paid searches. You can create a funnel or path for this action, or you can simply count the number of contact form sent plain and simple. By giving values to your goals, you can put emphasis on the importance of one goal over another, and monitor which goal you’ve achieved with your current campaign.


Without linking your Google Adwords to Google Analytics, you can’t see conversions in Adwords. All you can monitor are clicks, impressions and corresponding costs. This may not sit well with you if you want concrete proof of how well you’re doing with your online campaign. This is of course unless all you want are clicks and impressions, never mind the conversions.

Collect Historical Data

Still, you might not find useful the tons of information that Analytics provide you, but once you’ve set it up, your history starts to accumulate. Later on you can always refer to these data when need be. Data is such a valuable tool for business. Historical performance is the most concrete and reliable basis for future decisions. It pays to have Analytics for future planning, strategizing and managing your online marketing campaign.

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