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How to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy This 2016

From a mere buzzword, content marketing has evolved into one of the most important components in a business strategy, which when done correctly, can give you amazing results. Now, with 2016 about to roll at full throttle, it should be high time for you to map out and adjust your own strategy. Here are some points to consider:

  • Remember That Every Business Can Benefit from Content Marketing

This strategy can work for everyone, whether it is a B-to-C or a B-to-B campaign. But while their concepts are similar, you still need to customize your approach for each of them a bit differently. For instance, the former can win a customer over with compelling stories that trigger specific emotions, while the latter should make sure that customers will see data-supported information and value in the content.



  • Diversify Online Marketing

Content marketing is indeed an incredible way to grow your business, but it does not mean that it is fine to put all the eggs in one basket. You must further build brand awareness, as well as generate more traffic and leads to your site from multiple channels and more sources, including email, social media, SEO, pay-per-click and display ads. This will ensure your business does not come to a dead-stop when one of the channels suddenly no longer works.

  • Do More Than Just Blogging

You should never assume that a blog alone will satisfy content marketing. This year, make sure you use other forms of content to mix into your strategy, such as infographics, vlogs, eBooks, podcasts and webinars.


  • Do Not Hesitate to Offer Free Information

To position your business as an expert, do not hesitate to provide your audience with free but valuable information. This would make those people who have been receiving your content to start to convert into warm leads and, eventually, sales.

As an ending note, make sure you identify key performance indicators to gauge success or failure of your content marketing efforts. With these tips, you will be able to improve your content marketing strategy for this year!

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