How to Find a Good Bookkeeper

How to Find a Good Bookkeeper

What is it they say about death and taxes? There’s no escaping them. So when it comes to your business, hiring a bookkeeper who can keep your financial records accurate and clean is essential. Working with the right bookkeeper is more than a necessary expenditure – it is an investment. But how do you find the perfect fit for your business?

It’s not what you know, it’s who..

As with any industry, bookkeepers have national networks that provide guidance and support for working professionals. When hiring a bookkeeper for your business, look for one that is affiliated with an industry leader like the Australian Bookkeepers Network. This affiliation means your bookkeeper has an impressive network of support and professional guidance available at their fingertips, and you can rest assured they are able to provide the best service possible. These networks provide access to the latest updates and information for the industry, and they also provide a range of professional development opportunities.

Find someone with experience

In the world of bookkeeping, experience is everything. Make your job description as specific as possible to attract people who have the relevant skills, as well as knowledge of your type of business or industry. An individual with 30 years’ experience in a large travel corporation may actually be less suited than a person with two years’ experience in your niche industry. Decide what skillset and work history is the most valuable for your business, and search these bookkeepers out.

Good Bookkeeper

Good Bookkeeper

Search for flexibility

If you aren’t in the position to take on a full-time bookkeeping staff member, you will be looking for bookkeeping businesses that offer this. When you engage with these businesses, search for flexibility. You want someone who can fit into your business schedule, with fewer or more hours as needed each month. You might have to pay a little more overall for this kind of adaptability, but it can be invaluable in ensuring you can access the perfect services for your business on an ongoing basis.

Always have an interview

If you aren’t a numbers person, it can be tempting to assume that good experience and an impressive resume is all that is needed for good bookkeeping. But it is vital to remember, particularly in small businesses, that personalities can make or break a situation. This is not to say you should hire your best mate because they can still remember long division, but if you have a few good candidates, an interview can help you align the best person to fit within the business and its outlook.

Allow yourself to be educated

A good bookkeeper will keep your finances clean and on track. A great bookkeeper will do this while also educating you about ways you can do this yourself. If your bookkeeper takes the time to explain things to you, thereby offering some free education on their profession, you know you’ve found a great asset to your business. If they are invested in your business, they will be able to comment on the activities related to bookkeeping, and how they are assisting or detracting from your business. This type of feedback is invaluable and shows a real interest on their part.

These are a few key things to look for when finding a good bookkeeper. Remember: it’s an investment in your business, and the right fit will make a world of difference to your business’s operations. Have you found a great bookkeeper? What did you look for? Share your experience in the comments below.

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