How to Deal with Company Car Accidents

How to Deal with Company Car Accidents

Being rewarded with the use of a company car is a great perk that demonstrates your value to your employer and makes your working week run more smoothly. You’ll no longer have to worry about racing to meet the bus or juggling work and family transport. But this benefit comes with a few responsibilities and concerns. What should you do if you are involved in an accident while driving a company car? Have you considered your legal liability?

Who’s Liable?

If you get into an accident in a company car, typically your employer will be liable for any damage, but this isn’t always the case. If you find yourself being asked to fund the excess or to pay outright for damage to a company car—or to another car, person or property involved in an accident while you were driving—you should seek legal advice from an expert firm like Motor Accident Legal Service. Just because your employer is asking you to pay does not mean you are legally obligated to do so.

Company Car

Company Car

Does Your Company Have Any Rules You Should Know?

When driving a company car, you must usually comply with a few basic rules. For example, employers typically specify that you may only use a company car for driving to and from work or for other work activities. This means you are unlikely to be covered for accidents that occur when driving outside your scope of employment. So, you can expect that any accidents that occur during unauthorised detours to pick the kids up from school, stopping to do your grocery shopping, or taking a road trip will be your legal and financial responsibility. Make sure you are clear about the details in your company’s car policy and whether their insurance covers you for non-work driving before you jump behind the wheel of your new company car.

However, following the above rules won’t always mean you avoid liability for any accidents you have driving a company car. Some behaviours, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or driving recklessly, will mean that an employee may be held liable even when driving for work purposes. And, depending on your contract, even when an accident occurs while you are driving responsibly and within the scope of your employment, you may find that you are responsible for the excess for an insurance claim. But before you hand over any money, check in with a penal lawyer to determine your rights and responsibilities.

What If You’re Injured?

If you suffer an injury while driving a company car, promptly seeking legal advice is the best way to secure appropriate compensation for your injuries and navigate the intricacies of your personal injury claim.

A company car can be a great benefit that can help motivate you and take the transportation expenses and hassles out of your workdays. But if you find yourself in an accident involving your company car, you’ll need to know where you stand. An expert lawyer can give you peace of mind by offering advice, helping you make a claim and saving you from making any expensive mistakes.

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