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How to Cultivate and Harness Innovation at Work

Businesses and workplaces these days demand more radical innovation as this fosters faster and better products, hence greater customer satisfaction.  But innovation cannot be so easily implemented as it could mean discarding old practices and trusty machines. It could mean displacing people from work and replace them with machineries that are more productive. Work environment with less tolerance for change will see innovation as chaotic and hassle, rather than cost-effective and helpful.

Businesses must be wary about integrating innovation with their current systems and operations without learning the ropes in a slow, steady manner. This is because rushing innovation and exploiting it prematurely can cause everything to crumble – both new and old systems. It helps to capitalize on innovation and work out an integration plan for the long-term, as this exposes the necessary adjustments and allows time for creating appropriate solutions.


To promote innovation in the workplace, there must be an unobstructed flow of ideas among organizational members, even those in the rank-and-file positions. When there is a need to solicit important ideas to reach a breakthrough, the company may benefit more when it offers employees a break from their routine so they can be in a creative and innovative position.


During the hiring process, a person’s innovativeness and creativity may already be evident. The business must recruit members with similar visions and goals, who love to be constantly planning, creating and thinking. Having similar vision does not mean not having disagreements, though. The point in question is not the end goal but the means to reach that goal. Each one may have different views on how to arrive to a given destination.

Yes, it means that despite having a unified goal, there must be a good amount of diversity within the organization as this supports creativity and innovation, as opposed to stagnation and monotony. As innovation becomes integrated into operation, each member must have the chance to develop along with the integration process. People learn a lot more and faster when they put into daily practice the bits of innovation until it becomes seamlessly part of everything.

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