How to create a network of customers

How to create a network of customers

The customer is perhaps the most important resource of a company. The creation of a good network of customers is one of the main success factors and requires a constant and serious commitment in order not only to reach new clients, but also to retain them and make sure that advertising your product is done through a spontaneous speech, far more effective than any expensive advertising campaign. The goal to achieve consists of at least three phases: acquisition of new customers; maintenance of those acquired; increase in sales volumes through a good deal and a loyalty program. It is not impossible, it just requires some care. Read on to find out how!

Get your network togehter

Get your network togehter

Define your target market

On average 20% of your target audience generates 80% of sales. Discover what makes that part of the customers to choose you and use the collected data to offer them a product or service more attractive.Find their needs, their buying habits, their sources of information, what can influence them (TV, websites, film star) and their data base.

Learn from your direct competitors

Analyze their strategies and get inspiration. Do not copy, differentiate. With the large selection available today and the thousands of sales channels, you need to find a way so to get chosen by the customer.

Guide your staff to the right direction

Create a trusting relationship with them in order to avoid transmitting a negative image of their relationship with your company to your customer. If you do so, they will be more open and share with you the information they collect through selling your products/ services.

Use a good bait to attract new customers

It may be a catchy slogan, the use of particular images or customization of the product that creates the customer the feeling that it is specially designed for him. Once you get their attention, care to make an offer worthy of being considered.

A satisfied customer will speak well of you

A satisfied customer will speak well of you

Provide a loyalty scheme, including through partnerships with other companies. Jump over the cards and loyalty discounts and try to think of products and services dedicated to be offered free of charge to those who are already your customers. Particularly, care for their assistance, which must be timely, accurate and courteous.

Show your attention to them individually, making each customer feel special and unique. Interact directly with them via Facebook or Twitter and publicly thank them, for any suggestions or requests online. Indulge their desire to virtual visibility and take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your product and the quality of care you offer.

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Written by Nikos Kontorigas

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