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How to build a great company culture? Four tips from Netflix

How to achieve a strong entrepreneurial culture and for the whole team to sit identified? Which for fourteen years was responsible for human resources and recruitment reflected Netflix with its CEO, Reed Hastings. Some of the principles are still the cornerstones of the company. He did it in a document that is highly valued today in Silicon Valley.



In this paper Business Insider highlights six tips and four of them are fundamental:

– The material benefits are not the best way to attract talent. Surrounding the team of excellent people is the ideal way to make attractive a place to work, beyond striking measures such as ‘free lunch’ or recreation areas.
– Less straitjacket and more common sense. Analyze each case, without the strict policies ending up by the scupper of the basis of a computer. In the case for example of vacation the ideal is that the rules act as guides but not as law enforcement.
– Feedback should be less formal, more frequent but also more specific. McCord argues that such reviews are often too ritualistic and excessively rare. Building bureaucracy and developing these rituals around measuring that behavior usually will not make it better. She advocates an informal, regular feedback in which the team understands perfectly what high performance is.
– Rethinking compensation policies to recruit top talent from other giant competitors. Netflix had to go to experts in cloud services from companies like Amazon, Ebay or Google. For that, they had to put a policy in which some clear issues were left: no bonus is paid at the end of the year because it will not make them work harder or smarter and allowed the Employee Free Choice what compensation would be in the form of shares in the firm.

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