How to approach a job interview

How to approach a job interview

The day of the interview is here! Your CV has aroused someone’s interest and now they want to meet you. In an hour you know you can gamble away your future career. How to prepare? Which style of communication should you keep? All these questions cross your mind as the time approaches. Get interview tips and the answers for the most common job interview questions on

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!

The date of the interview

Usually, the candidate has the opportunity to choose between two or more dates and times. Do not give the impression that you can go any day they want and if you have a preference, state it gracefully. Try to get the morning hours rather than the ones in the afternoon. In this way, both you and the interviewer will be fresher and in a better mood.

The preparation of the content

The preparation of the content will be focused mostly on the CV that you have sent, a copy of which you will carry with you. Review it and read it aloud as if it were a text to study for an exam. It will be extremely pleasant, given the fact that you are actually studying your career. Train yourself to keep a fluid communicative style, dynamic with a fast pace but not giddy. You can do a few breaks in between a concept but keep them from a very short duration.

That's how relaxed and confident in your qualifications you should be

That’s how relaxed and confident in your qualifications you should be

Reaching the place of the interview

Aim to arrive about 5-7 minutes before the indicated time. Avoid excessive delays but also advances because in that way you could create problems for the plan of the talks. One important thing to do is plan for the route well. If you can get there by car, do so. Avoid public transport or long walks since you need to arrive there fresh and relaxed. Sweat shirts and sweat drops that fall from your face do not fit.

Here you are. Well-dressed, cool, refreshed and with your copy of the CV, right about to sit in the office of your interviewer and the interview shall begin. Remember, your best ally is your smile.

Leaving the interview room

Your interviewer is smiling at you or he has a look that shows you have impressed him. This means you have done a great job. You have to look dynamic and positive, and with these in mind, you will leave an even better impression before you go. This is the time to thank the one who interviewed you for the opportunity granted and say that you look forward to any subsequent contacts.

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