How team building has changed for the better

How team building has changed for the better

Businesses have been carrying out team building exercises and activities for quite some time, as a way of improving co-worker relationships, their productivity and the quality of work being carried out.

Whilst the art of team building itself remains popular amongst business owners and managers alike, it seems that the preferred way of carrying out this process has altered over the years. More modern approaches are taking preference over some of the more traditional methods, which has completely changed the way that team building is perceived by employees.

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There’s plenty of variety with team building activities of today

Forget the likes of trust falls and building structures with matchsticks, traditional team building activities have been replaced by a variety of other activities. Team building activities  are often related to the personal likes and preferences of the employees themselves.

From escape rooms to treasure hunts, cocktail making to outdoor survival training, there’s so much to choose from these days, that will bring employees together in a fun, stress-free environment.

Out of office

There was a time where team building was brought to employees within the same building they work in, day in, day out. Keeping team building within the working environment can reduce the effectiveness of the whole process, as opposed to moving to entirely new surroundings with a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

The team building activities of today are much more centred around treating employees to a day out somewhere fun, as opposed to keeping them in the office to take part in activities they may not necessarily want to be a part of.

Take the team out of their comfort zone

As well as providing something fun, and a little different to the same daily working environment, modern team building activities also allow employers to get employees doing something a little out of their comfort zone.

From tree top adventures to watersports, to total wipeout challenges, there’s so many adrenaline-pumping activities to choose from that’s nothing like the challenges the team could face at work. This type of team building offers up a new and exciting obstacle to overcome, which can work wonders in knowing how to tackle challenges faced throughout their career.

It’s become more of a social event

Traditional team activities tended to be solely focused on improving the communication and productivity between team members and different teams, too. The team building activities today, however, are much more of a social event, in that sometimes there’s no relation to work whatsoever, other than the people involved in the activity.

Making team building more socially focused can not only help to build the communication that every employer or manager looks for, but also helps to build friendships between the team, too.

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