How Refitting Your Store Can Save Your Business

How Refitting Your Store Can Save Your Business

Refitting is not a magic wand that will instantly solve all your business problems but if done right, it can be the difference between keeping your company afloat or going down the tube. One thing to note is that you will need to get a reliable, quality shop-fitting company in to do the job right. Specialists such as TU Projects can work closely with you to make the process as smooth as possible. But why would you bother? The following reasons might just convince you as to why you should opt for a re-fit.

First Appearances

Experts advise that the appearance of your store is one of the main draw-cards for customers; if your shop looks run down and scruffy then, regardless of how fantastic and life-changing your products are, people are just going to walk on by. It’s been recommended that you refit your store every five to ten years to maintain a fresh modern feel that’s going to attract customers. As with all industries, shop fitting undergoes regular breakthroughs and developments from research into areas such as customer behaviour and retail psychology studies. By refitting regularly, your business will benefit from advances in these areas. The link between retail business store design and consumer behaviour is well documented, and by staying abreast of the latest design trends, you will be doing everything within your power to increase sales figures for your business.



Saving Time and Money

Many refitting companies offer a complete package when it comes to refitting your store; why hire a signage company, a joinery firm and a raft of different tradespersons when you can get the whole job done by a single company? More often than not you’ll get a defined price and project schedule prior to starting the refit so you’ll know what you’ll be paying and how long it’s going to take. Services don’t necessarily have to end when the refit is completed; by contracting a good refitting company, you can get maintenance and warranties on the work, as well as the option to purchase furniture, equipment and fixtures – all from a single source. The benefits (and time and money saved) from opting for a ‘one stop’ refit supplier become immediately apparent when customers are banging on your newly refurbished shop door.

Generating New Income

The old saying ‘You need to spend money to make money’ is especially true when it comes to refitting your business. You need to create an environment that’s going to attract customers and that environment needs to present your product/s in the best possible way. Refitting can help with this. One of the major problems with refitting is the difficulty in analysing the financial benefits versus the outlay involved when refitting; it can be hard to assess the returns gained in additional sales against the cost of the refurbishments. However, if the job is done right, the results should be readily apparent.

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